Work-life balance is one of the general principles of the Policy on Diversity and Inclusion. In this light, Enel promote solutions to improve the balance between private life and work and to support people’s effective daily needs in order to respect all the situations, including contingent events, which a person may find themselves in during their working life. Below are reported the main tools used.

Work-life balance, people care and corporate welfare

Initiatives focusing on the children of Enel employees continued during 2017. The “Millennials Enel Days” project was extended to Spain after having been launched in Italy in 2016. The project aims to provide students leaving high school or university with support and guidance in their choice of profession. Several orientation days were organized, attended by the children of Enel employees and the children of other Company stakeholders, aged between 18 and 27 years. In 2017, 9 workshops were held in Italy and 2 in Spain, which were attended by around 600 young people. The first Italian workshop was dedicated entirely to daughters of employees (about 60 in total), meaning that it also fell under one of the STEM initiatives promoted by the Group.

One of the top projects in 2017 was the 13th edition of the We are Energy, program – an international competition for children of Enel employees aged 8 to 17 years. In line with the Open Power strategy, the competition (entitled “Open up the Future”) called on children to become leaders of change in their communities by describing the United Nations’ 17 SDGs from their own perspective. Some 4,500 youngsters from 22 countries entered the competition, of which 110 winners from 16 countries took part in the international meetup in Italy.

Enel Energia remains committed to maintaining the standards required by Family Audit4 certification in Italy and in 2017 was awarded the title “Executive” in light of the good progress made. As a result of the Family Audit, Enel Energia put in place an action plan to make changes in various sensitive areas, so as to promote organizational wellbeing and work-life balance, while also encouraging the extension of these benefits to all the Group companies in Italy. Accordingly, assessments are underway for the extension of the certification to the other Enel Group companies.

In Italy, the daycare center at the Rome office remained open. The Company also continued to operate educational play centers at some Italian offices during periods when schools are closed (Christmas, Easter, holiday weekends, elections). Open to children aged between 3 and 12 of Enel employees, the centers offer recreational and educational activities including English courses, music, group games and social activities. Finally, “time-saving” services (laundry, maintenance and domestic cleaning services) continued to be operational throughout 2017 in the main Group countries. In many countries, Enel also supports its employees with grants or incentives for personal requirements, whether their own or those of dependent family members. The Company also has deals in place for employees that cover insurance policies, subsidized loans and support for sports and cultural activities. For example, in Italy, the ARCA association provides support for the recreational, cultural and sporting activities of people and their children.


4 Family Audit is a managerial tool that aims to activate a cultural change in the company through innovative work-life balance initiatives. It is a standard that triggers a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement and offers the possibility of joining a network of companies that aim to become excellent work environments. Family Audit is a registered trademark owned by the Autonomous Province of Trento which acts as a certification body.