Enel puts the people who work for the Company at the center of its business model. By doing so, the Company encourages an open and inclusive approach that helps people to express their potential – given their experience and background – while also enhancing the diversity that generates new ideas and opportunities. The profound changes in the world of energy, much of which are driven by technology, require a significant cultural and organizational shift, which must be twinned with a more agile and sustainable approach as the Company moves forward.

This commitment is reiterated in Enel’s new Strategic Plan 2018-2020, which was presented in London in November 2017. The Plan sets out a model whereby human capital management combines with industrial pillars in the long-term sustainable value creation for all categories of stakeholders.

Enel people in the world

At December 31, 2017 the Enel Group had 62,900 people, of whom 50% were in companies based in Italy. There was an increase of around 800 people since the start of the year, mainly due to reporting boundary changes due to the acquisitions made in 2017 (specifically, Enel Distribuição Goiás and EnerNOC). These acquisitions more than offset the negative difference between new hires and terminations in the period, which were mainly due to early retirement incentive policies.

Enel people in the world

(1) Calculated as the ratio between average salary of female Managers + Middle Managers and average total salary (men + women) for Managers + Middle Managers.

The Open Power model: strategy, values and behaviors

Since 2015, Enel has adopted a specific policy that defines values and conducts, the “Open Power” model, which takes form in various operational aspects, in order to increase the involvement and participation of the people working in the Company. Said policy serves as the point of reference for all people management and development processes. Specifically, there are 4 values (responsibility, trust, innovation and proactivity) and 10 behaviors:

  • Adopt and promote safe behaviors and take the initiative in order to improve conditions regarding health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Take decisions in their daily activities and accept the responsibility that goes with them.
  • Deliver results and aim for excellence.
  • Seek new solutions and do not give up when faced with obstacles or failures.
  • Change their priorities rapidly when required to do so by changes in the scenario.
  • Share relevant information and are cooperative, as well as willing to listen to other people’s opinions and ideas.
  • Acknowledge colleagues’ merit and provide feedback when asked or independently which improves their work.
  • Ensure customers’ and/or colleagues’ satisfaction by acting effectively and fast.
  • Strive to include everyone, acknowledge and enhance the value of individual differencies (culture, gender, age, disability, personality, etc.).
  • Fulfill commitments and perform their work passionately and with determination.

Enel launched a storytelling program in 2016 to encourage comprehensive uptake of the Open Power strategy and values, which are based on openness as a key element of the Group’s strategic and operational approach. The program used stories as a way to interpret reality through experience; it came to a close in 2017.