In an energy market characterized by rapid changes, Enel sees digitalization and customer focus as key to accelerating the process of value creation. Reliability, safety and continuity in distribution, together with quality, effectiveness and transparency in the sale of energy, characterize every phase of the relationship with customers. To respond to the change in the energy scenario, Enel also has a new Global Business Line called e-Solutions, which is dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy shows the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes and industry.

The electricity transported on the Group’s distribution network amounted to 445.2 TWh, up by 19.2 TWh compared to 2016.

The average number of energy and gas customers in 2017 is around 64 million. In particular, during the year there was an increase of over 2 million customers in South America. Energy sales amounted to 284.8 TWh in 2017, an increase of 21.7 TWh (+8.2%) compared to 2016.

There were greater quantities sold on all non-regulated markets where the Group operates as a seller of electricity, in particular Italy +11.0 TWh, Iberia +4.0 TWh, Romania +3.5 TWh and South America +1.2 TWh which offset the lower sales volume on the regulated market in Italy (-1.9 TWh), in Iberia (-1.0 TWh) and in Romania (-0.8 TWh). Sales in the South America regulated market went against the trend, increasing by 10.4 TWh. Enel also manages a demand response capacity of approximately 5.7 GW. See the “Digital-e” chapter for further information.

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