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Enel constantly monitors how the Group is perceived in the local, national and international press, radio, TV and web, across both general and specialized publications. It has always maintained an open and positive attitude in its relations with the national and international press, which has been widely recognized by journalists. Over the course of the year, the aspects most valued as positive by both national and international media included business issues relating in particular to innovation, electric mobility, financial disclosure, the development of renewables, the main guidelines of the Strategic Plan and the launch of the new Enel X brand dedicated to innovative energy solutions.

The Italian media focused on the topics described above as well as the senior management’s reappointment, while financial publications showed interest in the various phases of the reorganization of the Group’s companies in South America and the first issue of green bonds in January, in addition to the issue of traditional bonds on the American market. On the innovation and sustainability front, activities reported included scouting and cooperation with startups, the inauguration of the innovation hub in San Francisco, the development of V2G technology and the experiment launched in Genoa at the Italian Institute of Technology. Moreover, the media emphasized the promotion of the alliance on circular economy presented at the Confindustria headquarters in November, as well as the activities related to achieving the UN sustainable development goals and the agreement signed with Bonifiche Ferraresi for the construction of the first smart agricultural district. Promoted and supported by Enel Cuore, the “Fare scuola” and “Viva gli anziani!” projects for schools and the elderly have been highlighted in the media, together with the “Terre colte” competition for the redevelopment of fallow land.

As part of the activities and agreements for the development of electric mobility, broad visibility was given to the launch of the national plan for the construction of a recharging station that took place at Vallelunga, the installation of fast charging stations on the suburban roads of the European EVA+ project, and participation as a technical partner in Formula E, with the Roman stage of the electric single-seater championship.

The international press has placed CEO’s speeches at international events in a positive light. These include those given at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York in April, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June, the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio and the BNEF Future of Energy Summit in London in September, as well as his participation in November at the conference on the energy transition at the European Parliament and the eurelectric event on the vision for the electricity sector in December. Interest from the international press continues to grow around Enel’s commitment to innovation and the development of new technologies, as well as initiatives in the field of e-mobility.

The international press continued to show great interest in Enel’s achievements in the renewable energy sector, including the awarding of tenders in Russia, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Canada and Ethiopia, as well as the start of construction and commissioning of various plants. In terms of financial disclosure, the presentation of the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan and the issue of two bonds and a green bond received a very positive reception, as did Standard & Poor’s upgrade of Enel’s rating at the end of the year.

Brand equity and digital strategy

Since 2016, the Open Power strategy places the Enel Group as innovative, sustainable and cutting-edge: a group that is active along the entire energy supply chain, placing openness at the center of its strategic and operational approach. Open Power means enhancing infrastructure by sharing knowledge to make it accessible and collaborating with customers, partners and other stakeholders. In the first few months of 2018, Enel expanded its marketing efforts with the creative “What’s your power” concept, which created an ecosystem of values that focuses on dialogue with the customer. The brand’s name and people’s familiarity with it spread through the commercial and promotional activities involving sports and culture that have always distinguished Enel.

In 2017, Enel continued its partnership with Formula E as the Official Power Partner of the first electric racecar championship and a global change management initiative to promote sustainable mobility. Enel developed and managed its own microgrid in each of the 10 locations of the championship’s third season, bringing to each event the typical technologies of a smart grid: smart meters to monitor the championship’s consumption in real time, integration of renewable sources and innovative storage systems for the car paddock.

Enel also turned the championship doubleheader in New York City into a carbon neutral event, offsetting CO2 emissions with the renewable energy produced by Enel Green Power’s Stipa Nayaa wind farm in Mexico. Together, Enel and Formula E are changing the perception of motorsport and energy usage, promoting clean mobility for sustainable cities, tackling together some of the biggest challenges in the world.

Enel monitors its brand equity in the various countries in which it operates in order to better know and understand its customers. This mainly involves periodically monitoring the Group companies’ presence in the media (newspapers, audiovisual sources, radio, TV and online media), measuring the perceived image by analyzing the brand’s characteristics and their evolution over time, as well as analyzing specific issues related to the brand. In order to support and increase the effectiveness of digital marketing activities during the year, more than 50 international influencers were involved from different sectors, from sports to journalism to technology.

The main site, www.enel.com, brings all of the Group’s main activities and results together, allowing the various categories of stakeholders to remain continuously up-to-date. In particular, the main sustainability and innovation projects are included in the “Stories” section of www.enel.com, while non-financial information and the materiality assessment are present in the “Investors” section.

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Prizes and awards

In 2017, Enel won several prizes and awards, including: Fortune - Change the World: Fortune magazine once again included the group in its annual “Change the World” rankings that identify the 50 global firms that are able, through a sustainable approach to business, to contribute to the improvement of life conditions on the planet. In the rankings, led by J.P. Morgan Chase, Enel – the only Italian company and the only global utility included in the table drawn up by the renowned U.S. magazine – takes the 20th spot, in front of companies of the calibre of Unilever, Microsoft, Dell and IBM. Among the reasons for Fortune once again including Enel in the rankings are the Group’s concrete efforts to reduce emissions, as well as its many projects linked to innovation (V2G), sustainability and innovative plants such as the geothermal installation in Cerro Pabellón in Chile.

2016 Prever Award for occupational risk prevention Enel received the Prever prize from the General Council for Industrial Relations and Spanish Labor Sciences (Consejo General de Relaciones Industriales y Ciencias del Trabajo - CGRICT) in the international category. This award reflects the results achieved in the field of risk prevention and health protection.

2017 Industry Awards: Enel’s commitment to digital progress and the Open Innovation model was recognized in 2017 when it received the “Business Model Transformation Award” during the fourth edition of the World Open Innovation Conference, one of the most important global events in this field. It was held in San Francisco by the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation and the Haas School of Business of UC Berkeley.

Governance Advisors Digital Awards (GADA): Enel received the Governance Advisors Digital Awards aimed at identifying the companies with the highest degree of digitalization. The award/certification was presented in June 2017 by the Governance Advisors, in collaboration with the Department of Management Engineering of the Milan Polytechnic University, Nedcommunity, the Italian Association of Internal Auditors (AIIA) and with the sponsorship of Confindustria Digitale.

2017 AssoChange Award: Enel won the sixth edition of the AssoChange award, dedicated to change management. The award was given to Enel for its ability to promote and implement initiatives aimed at developing an internal culture that is always open to innovation, ideas, projects and technologies, drawing on a broad external ecosystem of innovation and rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit and the management of risk and errors.

2017 Integrated Governance Index: Enel is one of the top 3 Italian companies, among the top 100 listed on the Milan stock exchange in terms of integrating the principles of sustainability into its corporate strategy. The Integrated Governance award/certification was awarded by TopLegal and ETicaNews, with the support of Methodos, Nedcommunity and Sodali.

Aequales ranking for gender equality: in July 2017 the Colombian companies Codensa and Emgesa were among the top Colombian companies in the adoption of best practices for promoting gender equality. Aequales ranking promotes the empowerment of women in the Colombian workplace by assessing companies in 4 different aspects: organizational structure, management of objectives relating to gender equality, corporate culture and talent management.

Prizes and awards